Reusable Bamboo Rounds
Reusable Bamboo Rounds
Reusable Bamboo Rounds
Reusable Bamboo Rounds
Reusable Bamboo Rounds
Reusable Bamboo Rounds

Reusable Bamboo Rounds

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Tired of those annoying bits of fluff left behind with disposable cotton rounds?

Reusable bamboo rounds are ultra-soft to the touch, gentle on any skin type, and will leave you feeling fresh and clean.

Our reusable bamboo rounds are machine washable and quick to dry which means they can be used again and again!

You’ll smile every time you use them knowing you’re no longer adding hundreds of single-use cotton rounds to our landfills each year.

*Mesh wash bag and storage bag included.

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Single-use cotton rounds.

Reusable bamboo rounds replace the need for single-use cotton ones that get thrown out every time.

Bamboo rounds: Bamboo
Mesh wash bag: Cotton
Canvas storage bag: Cotton

*For first time use - Wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry.

  1. Insert fingers into the pocket of the bamboo round.
  2. Apply water, your daily cleanser, or makeup remover to the bamboo round.
  3. Gently massage and wipe makeup from your face in a circular fashion.
  4. Flip over the bamboo round to make use of the second side (if necessary).
  5. Place used bamboo rounds in the wash bag for storage until washing.
  6. Wash your bamboo rounds in the wash bag.

Reusable bamboo rounds are shipped in a biodegradable box. This packaging can be thrown into your recycle bin.

Your reusable bamboo rounds will last you for years to come, so keep them and use them again and again.*

When you are ready to dispose of your reusable bamboo rounds, mesh wash bag, and/or canvas storage bag, do so at a textile recycling facility.

*Life span will vary based on frequency of use, storage conditions, etc.

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Canada Canada
So soft!

Love these velvety little rounds. Feels so much better than cotton pads on my aging eyelids.

life UNpacked

Thanks Joan for doing your part in helping our planet!

Kyla W.
Canada Canada
So soft on my skin

These bamboo pads are incredible. Super soft and super durable. I just love them! I need to buy a second set because I use two a day and don’t want to do laundry twice a week.

life UNpacked

Hey Kyla - We are glad you find the bamboo pads to be super soft and durable! Let us know when you are looking to get that second set and we would love to add in a special offer for helping us share the products with others! :)

Tania T.
Canada Canada
Real soft pads

These pads are awesome. I love how there is a bag for my clean pads and a separate bag for my dirty pads! I have been highly recommending these to my girlfriends.

life UNpacked

Hi Tania - We love these bamboo rounds (or pads) as you called them! So happy you love them as much as we do. Thank you for a great review!

Brad T.
Drag diva cleanup

These bamboo rounds (as they call them) work incredibly well. I do drag a couple times a month and needless to say there's a lot of make-up involved. I use about 3 of these beauties to clean up at the end of a long and healthy evening dressed up! I've used other ones before that wouldn't get all the make-up off and man I can tell you that is super frustrating when all you want to do is kick off the heels and tidy up for the night. I recommend these to anyone that is removing makeup, whether you use a little or a lot (like me)! ;) - Brad Thomas

life UNpacked

Hey Brad - we are thrilled that you love the bamboo rounds! It sounds like you really use them well for the activities you get up to. We hope they continue working for you the way they have been for years to come.

Sonie T.
They work great

These makeup remover pads work really really well. I never realized they could come with finger holes before, such a great addition. They are super soft on my skin and remove my make-up quickly and easily. No waste when applying or removing my make up anymore.

life UNpacked

Thank you Sonie for a great review! We hope you continue to love the makeup remover pads for years to come! :)