Meet Erin – life UNpacked

Meet Erin

Erin has an insatiable level of curiosity and believes in consistently stepping into situations that make you uncomfortable.

She is a total foodie and loves experimenting with new recipes, hosting potlucks, trying out new restaurants, and exploring cuisines from different regions around the world.

Erin loves taking something and recreating it to make it better, whether it's an idea, product, or service. She loves working as a part of a team and brainstorming sessions that involve a whiteboard and too many coloured markers. You are most likely to find her crushing tasks while listening to deep house during the work day and either socializing, taking a course, or working out by night.

With all the time she spends outdoors, nature and the environment has always had a special place in her heart. Erin began exploring alternative options to plastic as a personal challenge around her home and has been hooked on natural and sustainable alternatives ever since.

Loves: Alpine hiking and backcountry camping, conversation that rapidly gets down to some real levels, international travel (well, any travel really!), road cycling, live music, and pomegranate.

Likes: Rock climbing, beach volleyball, skiing, photography, reading, scuba diving, and building and refinishing furniture.

Bucket List items up next:

  • Multi-night canoe trip
  • Run a half marathon
  • Vipassana┬ámeditation retreat

Next destination: Morocco