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Meet Kit

Kit's alter ego is that of the energizer bunny. He has seemingly endless amounts of enthusiasm and believes in challenging the status quo to open our minds to different possibilities.

He loves bringing people together whether on the soccer pitch, by hosting a social event, or through driving a team in a business setting.

Kit loves talking about new ideas and making things happen. You are most likely to find him getting into the trenches during the work day and at home cooking up a meal with his fiancé by night.

As a lover of all the world's creatures, especially turtles (so much that he has a tattoo of one!), Kit became passionate about the environmental impact plastic is having on marine life after scuba diving in Thailand. He couldn't stand swimming in and among plastic waste or seeing it washed up on the beaches and so decided something had to change.

Loves: Good food with good people (especially when it involves sriracha), adventure and exploration, and learning new things.

Likes: Reading, hiking, snowboarding, team sports and movies.

Bucket List items up next:

  • Getting married
  • Safari in Africa
  • Diving with whale sharks

Next destination: Vietnam