Mission – life UNpacked

We've eliminated the need for 0 pieces of plastic to date!


To inspire people to live a plastic-free life.

Believe it or not, consumption doesn't have to be costly.

We are bombarded daily with messaging to buy this or that with the aim of arriving.. somewhere. All the stuff we buy costs us money, but it also costs the planet because it comes in plastic, wrapped in more plastic, and let's be honest, usually in a box way too big.

This seems to be the norm, but at life UNpacked we disagree that it has to be.

We put together our products to make it easy for you to eliminate plastic from your bathroom. Everything comes in compostable wrapping (if it's wrapped at all- some items aren't!), and this means less impact on the environment.

We deliver directly to you, so you never need to remember to pick up your bathroom products!

Join our community and become a Green Groomer today :)