Remove plastic from your bathroom and our planet.

We make going eco-friendly easy!

Together, we have eliminated the need for 0 pieces of plastic!

We have a plastic problem.

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Your daily essentials designed for refills, not landfills! 🌿


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We see a world where our well-being is tied to our planet's.

We believe in the power of one less toothpaste tube today, three less plastic razors this month, five less shampoo bottles this year, and 300 fewer plastic toothbrushes over a lifetime.

We envision sustainable lifestyles built one choice at a time.

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What Our Community Thinks

I love that there is next to no waste with these products and that they work just as well as my old ones. The tooth powder leaves my mouth minty fresh and the shampoo bar leaves my hair feeling really smooth. It’s awesome!

Jenny H.

Love my little bathroom kit!! Dropped the single use s****y colourful childlike toothbrushes for a classy simple planet friendly toothbrush among all the other upgrades. I've been wanting to try to reduce my impact in simple ways and the bathroom box/kit was an easy all in one. I didn't have to track everything down myself because all the research and sourcing was done. I've already been telling friends, family and even co-workers :D Keep it coming!

Fyfe B.