Values – life UNpacked


Live in Adventure.

life UNpacked is an adventure in itself. We want you to join us in the adventure by trying something new. There is so much out there to be explored, and as big-time adventure seekers, we want to be able to do so for years to come. In our minds, this means taking a risk and stepping outside the norm to do things differently so we can all continue to explore and adventure in this amazing place we call home.

Live in adventure
Community creates wholeness

Build Community.

For us, it means like-minded individuals who love our planet, are fed up with the status quo, and feel inspired to change. We see community as the empowering resource that convinces changemakers to drive change. So we seek to grow a community fo green groomers making a difference, one self-care product at a time.

Conscious Consumption.

What do local, ethical, and environmentally-friendly mean? What does responsible packaging look like? How much is enough? The answers to these questions vary for all of us. For life UNpacked, a moment to reflect on how decisions mirror our mission and encourage conscious consumption is a moment well-spent.

Consume consciously
Progress over perfection

Progress Over Perfection.

life UNpacked believes the planet doesn't need a handful of people making perfect decisions; it needs a lot of people making better decisions. And everybody has to start somewhere. A plastic-free shower can inspire us to pursue an eco-friendly bathroom which can empower us to tackle a less resource-intensive wardrobe and maybe, one day, a zero-waste home.

Merit Simplicity.

Simplicity has the power to inspire change - the easier it is to recognize and make the "right" choice, the more likely we are to make it. Ironically, merited simplicity is a complex endeavour. It involves mountains of research to uncover what that "right" choice might be. For life UNpacked, it's about finding the exact puzzle pieces that paint a simple picture when fitted just right.

Choose right and easy