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Corn Floss

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No more cleaning those pearly whites with petroleum! Our dental floss is made from corn fiber and is lightly coated with candelilla wax for slide.

You can smile each time you use it knowing you’re no longer using traditional plastic floss containers and saving marine life with this biodegradable alternative. Simply save your reusable glass container and refill it with the floss (shipped in a compostable paper bag!) in your next box.

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Nylon dental floss.

Traditional dental floss is usually made from either nylon (petroleum), teflon (the chemical mouthful polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)), or synthetic wax (petroleum).

These toxins can be absorbed into your bloodstream during those times that you floss a little too hard, or it’s been, say, longer than the suggested three times a day since your last floss.

Discarded dental floss cannot be recycled, takes 30-80 years to break down, and can be harmful to wildlife.

Corn Fiber, Candellila Wax (from the Candellila shrub), Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha Piperita)

  1. Pull out about 18 inches of floss, cut on lid of container.
  2. Wind floss around middle fingers (no need to get all tangled!).
  3. Slide floss gently up and down between your teeth, taking care around your gum line.
  4. At the gum line, curve floss into a C shape against your tooth and gently slide into the space between the gum and your tooth.
  5. Repeat for each tooth.
  6. Cheese to check out those pearly whites.

*Keep the container for future refills.

If you ordered a corn floss container: Your corn floss will be shipped inside. Keep this container and use it again and again. The corn floss container will be shipped in a biodegradable box. This packaging can be thrown into your recycle bin.

If you did not order a corn floss container: Your corn floss will be shipped in a compostable paper bag that can be thrown into your compost bin.

Typical Life Span:* 2 months

After using our corn floss, simply toss it into your compost bin.

*Life span will vary based on frequency of use, storage conditions, etc.