Canadian Zero-Waste Wholesale Bathroom Products

Canadian Zero-Waste Wholesale Bathroom Products

Eco-friendly Wholesale for Small Businesses

At life UNpacked, our main goals are to offer ALL Canadians plastic-free alternatives to traditional bathroom products and to educate the people about plastic, waste management, materials, consumer choices and much more.

To achieve this goal, we can’t do it alone, that’s why we’re counting on our community to spread the words and make all these products more accessible. That’s when wholesales come in handy. We value our community and we’re stoked to be partnering with amazing small businesses all over the country.

Providing eco-friendly products for wholesale is a necessity for a lot of communities to get access to different products, not just the mainstream ones.

What are the advantages of plastic-free wholesale bathroom products?

  1. Buying in bulk will decrease our overall carbon footprint. If one store places one order, it can reach several different people, instead of us shipping individual orders to each customer living in the same area.
  2. Our wholesale model supports local economies and businesses. We collaborate with like-minded businesses to create this tight knit network of amazing humans. We welcome open discussion about how to make products and processes better for the planet, and people. We exchange ideas and issues over the zero-waste space we’re creating. We’re not just businesses doing business, we all share the same goal of reducing the use of plastic in our everyday products.
  3. Wholesale partnerships provide access to sustainable products to remote communities, that support remote economies & drastically reduce shipping costs (both environmental, and financial). Small businesses can enjoy our whole range of eco-friendly bathroom products and share them within their community.
  4. Becoming a wholesaler with Life UNpacked makes your shop a one stop shop for all your bathroom product needs. You reduce your shipping cost by buying in bulk quantities from the same company, and cut the hassle of managing several suppliers. 
  5. We try our best to be flexible and adaptive. We’re open to catering to your needs as a small business. Can’t see what you need? Ask us and we’ll work with you and resources to improve existing products or create what’s missing!

A step closer to a circular economy?



As eco friendly products become more and more mainstream, we hope to see a large number of end users ready to be part of a circular economy where distribution, and logistics will become bi-directional. We can’t wait to see the day when all brands will allow customers to bring back the packaging, and container so it can make its way back to the manufacturer and be reintroduced into the consumption cycle. Take-make-dispose is not a sustainable model. With the growth of life Unpacked and all our partners around the country, we aim to create this great plastic-free circular economy one day! Every community store, local market, or small business that partners with us helps us achieve the scale required to strive forward together. 

In order to stop wasting the precious natural resources of our planet to satisfy our overrated consumption needs, change is required. Let’s start by supporting plastic-free initiatives in our communities like refilleries, bulk shops, local markets, and so on. At life UNpacked, we here to accompany each business into achieving their goals. 

If you’re a business owner or if you know one, get in touch with our team, we’d love to chat with you.