Oral Care

Oral Care without plastic!

Put plastic in the past, save our planet and make your oral care routine plastic-free. Everyday, people across Canada use traditional bathroom products wrapped in unnecessary plastic & packaging that cannot be recycled. That’s why we offer zero-waste oral care products for Canadians… by Canadians. Start with a bamboo toothbrush, the easiest switch you can make when starting your zero-waste journey. Want to eliminate more plastic? Grab the bamboo toothbrush with a refillable head, you’re cutting down your waste by half! If you’d like to know more about the difference between regular toothbrushes and bamboo toothbrushes, check our blog article here.

Do you know who’s better at changes than adults… children, kids & toddlers!

They absorb new knowledge and habits like sponges. Teach them how small little changes can have big effects on the world. Start with our kid eco-friendly toothbrushes here

Some of our ‘young-customers’ call it the “Sprinkle Toothpaste”, close friends call it “The Powder”: Our zero waste eco-friendly Tooth Powder is so easy to use, it makes the traditional toothpaste in plastic tubes so complicated and irrelevant. We’ve striped it down to the minimum necessary ingredients, and packaging… no fuss, just brush! Refills are available and it’s packaged in 100% biodegradable bags. Use your own container at home or purchase one of ours pre-filled with Tooth Powder.

Your dentist will love you if you floss every day. Take a look at our amazing collection of floss to find the perfect one for your teeth gaps :) You only have to worry about the style you prefer because they’re all biodegradable!

Your oral care is super important and we want to make it easy for you to switch to a plastic-free one. We know these are not the most desirable products in the world; to make it easy for you to shop these products, take a look at our subscription option to receive a 10% discount EACH TIME! Bamboo toothbrush + Zero Waste Dental Floss + Zero-Waste Tooth Powder is by far our most popular subscription combo!


What are you waiting for? Start building your sustainable zero waste oral care routine with us now!