Reinvent your shaving routine

Were you dreaming of plastic-free alternatives when it comes to shaving?

Dream no more, shaving doesn’t have to be a bottomless pit of plastic consumption anymore.

At Life UNpacked, we offer a full line of products zero-waste Canadian shaving products that are THE solution for you AND the planet.

Our safety razors are designed for both men and women in mind; rust resistant, durable materials and sleek design. Keep your razor forever: only change the metal safety razor blades, and leave no trace. You can choose from either our bamboo razor handle or one of our metal razor handles, all made without plastic and will last your lifetime.

This simple change will have your wallet and your skin glowing. Indeed, you only have to replace the blades and let’s face it, they’re pretty cheap. You can choose from a 5 or 10-pack for your refills. Check with your municipality, there’s usually a local program to dispose of the safety razor blades.

As for your skin, once you master the safety razor shave habit, it drags less, therefore damages less.

In order to improve your shaving experience, we recommend getting one of our shaving bars to help the blade glides on your skin smoothly. Both the Citrus Sunset and West Coast Breeze are made in Vancouver, BC only with natural ingredients. OUr zero-waste shave bars lather fantastically and nourish your skin to prepare it for your shaving session.

Whether you’re travelling or wanting to protect your shaving bar once it’s sitting on your bathtub, get yourself one of our travel tins. They’re toxin and lead free, perfect for your adventures anywhere.

If you’re ready to make the change, check out our Just Shave bundle, you’ll save extra money and you’ll be ready to tackle your sustainable shaving routine with our easy zero-waste shaving kit. Or gift our Zero-Waste Shaving Kit:Just Shave to help someone else make the switch.

If you’re already jumped on the plastic free wagon, we recommend looking into one of our subscription options to receive your razor blades and shaving bars at the frequency of your choice; you won’t need to worry about running out ever again! 


Ready to say goodbye to single-use plastic razors with life Unpacked zero-waste Canadian shaving products?