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We've eliminated the need for 0 pieces of plastic to date!

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life UNpacked is about sharing the responsibility of protecting our beautiful planet by revealing the connection between our everyday habits and a sustainable future for all.

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Sleek. Solid. Single-waste-plastic-reducing. Three ways I would describe this tiny lil boite. At first, I was a bit skeptical on how receiving the idea of more "stuff" could help reduce the mounds of plastic "stuff" in your life, but, alas, I was happily proven wrong (and I am usually not this happy about being proven wrong). The products themselves have been slowly working their way into my daily routine, one by one, replacing the store-bought-wasteful-heavily-branded-one-time purchases, and becoming a sexy little self-sufficiency habit. I specifically adore the toothpaste, as it not only replaces, but redefines the idea of what I have grown-up thinking is toothpaste. How rad. So rad. Simply Rad.

-Zahra S.

I got my first box last week. Absolutely love it. I've never smelled so good. It actually makes me feel better in the morning knowing I am using products that are better for the planet. This company has an amazing mission with team that is going to help transform how people consume products everyday. Highly recommend you get a box delivered today!

-Jesse T.

I love that there is next to no waste with these products and that they work just as well as my old ones. The tooth powder leaves my mouth minty fresh and the shampoo bar leaves my hair feeling really smooth. It’s awesome!

-Jenny L.

Got my box a few days ago, and I'm really loving these products. I was a little iffy on the shaver, but after my first shave, I can honestly say I actually like it much better than the ones I typically use and I didn't cut myself. The products smell awesome and are good quality. The best part for me though is the fact that there is zero waste, and that all the items are either recyclable or compostable. Highly recommend!

-Kevin F.

Ok, love the old school razor, love the shampoo bar and the soaps. Didn't think I would care about or like the toothpaste powder but find it nicer than the commercial crap.... I'm sold.

-Jay H.

My girlfriend and I have been using the products for the past month or so and we're loving them. The soap and shampoo bars are my personal favorites. Definitely the best selling soap I've ever bought. The best part for us is that we feel good knowing that we're not creating extra plastic waste with the bathroom products that we buy!

-Jared L.

A shampoo bar sounded absurd... Until I tried it and immediately loved it way more than the “organic” bottled shampoo I was using, my hair feels and looks cleaner than before. No bottle to throw out afterwards is a huge plus in my books. Well done life UNpacked... Well done.”

-Eddie S.

It's really quite amazing to realize how much less I need, and my hair needs. I was so sold on the more products, lotions, balms, oils, conditioners, etc the better your hair can be. This feels like a game changer I wasn't expecting.

-Liz W.

Life UNpacked is my new favorite shaving kit money can buy! From initially receiving my package in the mail in an all cardboard box, you can tell the company really cares about making a difference for the environment! My personal favorite product in the kit was the floss. Made from corn floss instead of petroleum this all natural floss is great for getting the small bits of food out of your teeth, and the craziest part is it's over 15 yards long! Lasting me twice as long as any other dental floss I have bought before! I would highly recommend purchasing one of life UNpacked's shavings kits and making these all natural products part of your home!

-Daniel F.

It takes plastic about 450 years to degrade, and it can't completely decompose. Instead it becomes microplastics, which can't be cleaned up, end up being consumed by marine life, and move up the food chain and onto our dinner plates.
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Every minute, one garbage truck's worth of plastic is dumped into our oceans.
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