Remove plastic from your bathroom and our world.

We make going eco-friendly easy!

Together, we have eliminated the need for 0 pieces of plastic!

We have a plastic problem.

Be the solution

Set it and Forget it with a Subscription

Looking to simplify your life? You can also package any of our eco-friendly essentials into your own custom subscription. 😊

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Your daily essentials designed for refills, not landfills!

Choose your favourite life UNpacked products and make your self-care routine a little less cluttered and a whole lot more eco-friendly. 🌿

Choose your frequency

You are unique, and you'll go through your self-care products at a different rate than say your best friend, your mom, or your neighbour.

So the power's in your hands.. You choose the refill interval that's right for you! 🌻

Get excited

Skip the trip to the store and the plastic waste!

Relax knowing your products will be delivered in biodegradable and compostable packaging, with two trees being planted to offset their shipping. 

Get ready for guilt-free grooming! 🌎

We see a world where our well-being is tied to our planet's.

We believe in the power of one less toothpaste tube today, three less plastic razors this month, five less shampoo bottles this year, and 300 fewer plastic toothbrushes over a lifetime.

We envision sustainable lifestyles built one choice at a time.

Our Vision

What Our Community Thinks

I love that there is next to no waste with these products and that they work just as well as my old ones. The tooth powder leaves my mouth minty fresh and the shampoo bar leaves my hair feeling really smooth. It’s awesome!

Jenny H.

Love my little bathroom kit!! Dropped the single use s****y colourful childlike toothbrushes for a classy simple planet friendly toothbrush among all the other upgrades. I've been wanting to try to reduce my impact in simple ways and the bathroom box/kit was an easy all in one. I didn't have to track everything down myself because all the research and sourcing was done. I've already been telling friends, family and even co-workers :D Keep it coming!

Fyfe B.

From the outstanding customer service to what they represent, this is a huge step in the right direction for helping our planet. The swabs are the best, the bamboo is sturdy and the cotton doesn't fall off the end during use like your every day brands.

Whitney R.

Stoked I made the choice to buy ALL these products! I finally found a company that replaces my sh*t plastic products, declutters my bathroom, AND gives me the choice to save our planet. THANK YOU!!!

Mitchell S.

Prior to using this razor I was going through a Venus cartridge every week which cost me a ton of money, not to mention the cost to the environment and the associated guilt. This razor costs less, is great quality, and I get fewer ingrown hairs and without nicking myself! I’d recommend the razor paired with the shave bar for anyone currently using disposables.

Becky C.

My girlfriend and I have been using the products for the past month or so and we're loving them. The soap and shampoo bars are my personal favorites. Definitely the best smelling soap I've ever bought. The best part for us is that we feel good knowing that we're not creating extra plastic waste with the bathroom products that we buy!

Jared L.

A friend told me about life UNpacked when I shared how I’ve become way more aware of how what I buy impacts the environment. I bought the shave bar, soap, tooth powder and toothbrush for starters because I wanted to see the quality. I love all of it! The soaps smell so good and lasts a long time. I’d never used tooth powder, but don’t think I could go back to paste now :) It shipped quickly and I’ll definitely be purchasing more again!

Barbara A.

Sleek. Solid. Single-waste-plastic-reducing. Three ways I would describe this tiny lil boite. The products have been slowly working their way into my daily routine, one by one, replacing the store-bought-wasteful-heavily-branded-one-time purchases, and becoming a sexy little self-sufficiency habit. I specifically adore the toothpaste, as it not only replaces, but redefines the idea of what I have grown-up thinking is toothpaste. How rad. So rad. Simply Rad.

Zahra S.

life UNpacked is my new favorite shaving kit money can buy! From initially receiving my package in the mail in an all cardboard box, you can tell the company really cares about making a difference for the environment! My personal favorite product in the kit was the floss, lasting me twice as long as any other dental floss I have bought before! I would highly recommend purchasing one of life UNpacked's shaving kits and making these all natural products part of your home!

Daniel F.

I love how easy it is to go plastic free with life Unpacked! It has truly changed my bathroom routine. I highly recommend their shampoo bar! It works so great I don't have to use conditioner anymore cause it's all natural. 👍

Anna Lisa L.

Got my box a few days ago, and I'm really loving these products, they smell awesome and are good quality. The best part for me though is the fact that there is zero waste, and that all the items are either recyclable or compostable. Highly recommend!

Kevin F.

Not only a fantastic mission, but the quality of the products has me re-ordering without hesitation. I particularly like the classic razor and the soaps!

Craig V.