Shampoo & Bars

Handcrafted with love in Vancouver!

Discover our line of Soap, Shampoo and Shave Bars made here in Vancouver, BC. We’re proud to be working with an experienced soap maker to make our dreams come true!

We’re only using natural ingredients and fragrances, it is Chemical-Free, Sulfate-Free, Palm Oil-Free and Paraben-Free. Also, all our bars are vegan!


We wanted a soap that represents our beautiful province and that’s how Pacific Rainforest Soap was created. Cedar Wood essential oil transports you right into our old growth forest to instill calmness and serenity. Our packaging is minimal and recyclable.


The beauty industry has been adding synthetic detergents and harsh chemicals in traditional shampoo bottles so much that our hair are used to be stripped out of their oil with conventional shampoos. The transition to a natural shampoo bar might take few weeks or more to adjust, depending on your hair type. But patience will pay off, as you’re eliminating the need to use plastic in your bathroom and give your hair the love it deserves. Our Mountain Evergreen Shampoo Bar is offering you a way out from these plastic bottles we've been so accustomed to use.


If you haven’t jumped on the safety razor wagon, check our selection of razors here.

It’s very easy nowadays to find alternative to aerosol canisters, you just have to get back to the basics, a good old shave bar! At life Unpacked we offer 2 different ones: West Coast Breeze and Citrus Sunset. They lather nicely and protect and nourish your skin during the shaving process. Wet Shaving is the most sustainable form of shaving.


After a quick workout or to maintain the nice blow out you had at your hairdresser, dry shampoo becomes handy. If you can avoid using extra water needed to wash your hair and instead using a Canadian Dry Shampoo made with natural ingredients, that’s a win win for the planet. It is formulated and crafted here in Vancouver, only using eco-friendly ingredients. You can buy the shaker or use your own container at home; all our refills come in biodegradable pouches. There’s no need to buy dry shampoo in aerosol canisters anymore.


Whether you enjoy traveling or if you want to protect your bars from too much water contact, our metal tins are available for purchase as a combo with our bars or by themselves. Very practical and minimalist.

You can fit 2 x travel size bars at a time or 1 x full size bar. They’re lead and toxin free as well.

Start being plastic-free in your shower now! Get a starting pack with the Traveller Bundle or get a subscription so you can get 10% discount FOREVER!