How Much Plastic Are You Saving with Life Unpacked?

How Much Plastic Are You Saving with Life Unpacked?

The Problem

It likely isn’t shocking news when we tell you that plastic production is a serious issue and the plastic epidemic is in full swing. Each year more than 380 million tonnes of plastic are produced for the various items you use day to day. It is estimated that 8 million of these 380 million tonnes, end up in our oceans, with the rest being incinerated or ending up in landfills and other areas of our environment. This is a serious issue as plastic can take up to 500 years to fully decompose, leaving a lasting impact on our environment, and a compounding problem. At Life UNpacked we take the issue surrounding plastic waste very seriously, and work alongside our community every day to cut down on plastic consumption. With the help of thousands of earth lovers and trail blazers, we have eliminated upwards of 150,000 pieces of plastic from the earth. This is a huge accomplishment, and we are so proud to have helped facilitate this amount of change, but of course it wouldn’t have been possible without individuals like yourself. Change happens when like minded individuals work together towards a common goal. For that reason we feel it is extremely important to understand what role each of our individual efforts have in changing the earth, and cutting down on plastic. We did the hard math so you don’t have to, and the results are shocking, yet inspiring!


Your Usual Plastic Consumption

The issue with plastic is that over time it has been incorporated into almost all of the products we depend on daily. Whether it's a plastic shampoo bottle or a plastic toothbrush, plastic is found in most people's bathrooms. Based on general consumption habits we have outlined just how many of each standard bathroom product you likely use each year.

The results are:

10 Bottles of Shampoo = 40 Pieces
4 Toothbrushes = 4 Pieces
6 Toothpaste Tubes = 18
6 Floss Rolls = 12 pieces
12 Razors = 24 pieces

Total Bathroom Plastic Used Each Year = 94 Pieces!

The Benefits of Life UNpacked

We know! 94 pieces of plastic yearly is a HUGE amount, especially considering this data only accounts for your bathroom plastics, and does not include grocery bags, food containers, drink bottles, etc. Luckily, while this is a big and scary amount, the benefit of switching to a plastic free subscription service like Life UNpacked, is also huge! By multiplying the average number of items per order (5.68) by the average number of plastic saved per item (4.49), we’re left with a total of 25.5 pieces of plastic being saved with every order! This means that with just 1 order from Life UNpacked, you are reducing your yearly plastic consumption by approximately 27%!

Take Your 1st Step Today!

With plastic waste slowly taking over our earth and its ecosystems, it’s time for us as a community to step up to the plate, and lead the way in the revolution towards sustainability. Join the Life UNpacked community today and take your 1st step towards changing your daily habits, and saving the earth! 

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