Unpacking A Kaizen Canadian

To all friendly folks,

This is an important letter written by humans for humans that outlines our vision together as we strive towards eliminating plastic, and protecting our planet.

Our vision is to create a community of Kaizen Canadians. Here's how:

  1. Keep it kaizen
  2. Live with the Earth, not on the Earth
  3. Think for 7 generations
  4. Create more than we consume

ps - Kaizen means 'continuous positive change'

With Canadians from coast to coast, we have already eliminated +240,000 pieces of plastic, and inspired thousands of people to start their zero-waste journey.

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Otherwise, keep reading because our vision is beyond any B-Corp or ‘eco-friendly’ products brand wildest dreams.

1) Kaizen means “to live in a state of continuous positive change.”

When you take your first step today, you are starting your zero-waste journey that will grow into more and more positive impact for our planet.

Let me elaborate…

Start eliminating plastic today, and continue protecting the planet tomorrow… one simple step at a time.

Eventually you will begin to realize the consistent choice to pick our planet over plastic changes your relationship with our planet, Earth.

2) Canadians need to live WITH the Earth, not ON the Earth.

This is a critical distinction…

When you live on the Earth, your relationship is not equal. You are literally on the Earth.

When you live with the Earth, your relationship is equal. You are literally with the Earth.

If you think the Earth just serves you, then you have a strange understanding of relationships. We are human beings. Earth is not only our home, but home to billions of other species. We must work with the Earth, treat the Earth with respect, and listen to the Earth’s wisdom.

When you decide to start your zero-waste journey, you are not just buying a shampoo bar or a bamboo toothbrush, you are doing so much more!

You are starting to change your relationship with the Earth by living in harmony with the environment.

Before the industrial revolution, all humans lived with the Earth. For example, here in Canada our indigenous peoples lived off the land and made choices with 7 generations (about 500 years) in mind.

3) Today 7 generations of unborn humans are encouraging you to make the right choice, and start your zero-waste journey.

When you eliminate plastic that takes up to 400 years to degrade, you are making a choice that impacts your great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren.

Here is the simplest choice you can make; a shampoo bottle, or a shampoo bar.

One choice pollutes the planet for 7 generations, the other choice protects the planet for 7 generations.

Everyday these simple choices exist, and today you can take your first step.

Once you’ve taken your first few steps, eliminated all your traditional plastic bathroom products, and become aware of these choices, your reality will begin to shift.

As we said, this is a zero-waste journey, and together we are creating Kaizen Canadians

4) We must create more than we consume.

You see, the real root of the pollution problem is consumption.

This simple word, consumption, that makes some people cringe, creates the demand for all products and services which create pollution.

The real solution to pollution is CREATION.

Just like the shift in our relationship with Earth, we need to shift our relationship with creating.

When we focus on creating, we create abundance, experiences and more for others.

When we focus on consuming, we create needs, expectations and less for others.

Everyday, we should wake up and be excited to create something; a meal, a piece of work, an experience or some art for our friends, family and community

Even if what we create isn’t perfect, the results over time will lead to an abundance for everyone.

That is why everyday we create boxes of zero-waste bathroom products that are packed with loving messages, bonus gifts, plastic-free products and more.

That is why everyday we create the possibility for every Canadian to take their first steps toward eliminating plastic, protecting our planet for tomorrow, and becoming a Kaizen Canadian.

Thank you for reading this letter.

If you are ready to take your 1st step towards eliminating plastic, then explore the easiest way to stop plastic waste forever for less than $1/day with a 100% money-back guarantee!

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… and please remember, humans eliminate plastic.

From a human being,


PS - Humans need the Earth. The Earth does not need humans. —- We capitalized Earth to personify our home for what it’s worth. Protect our planet Earth from plastic for $1/day with 100% money back.

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