Bundles to save the planet and avoid plastic! 

The best Canadian eco-friendly bathroom bundles for your daily zero waste self-care routine. Our easy zero-waste bathroom product kits & boxes are a simple way to eliminate plastic from your bathroom.

Who knew you could get all your favourite plastic-free bathroom essentials in one box? At life Unpacked, we want ALL Canadians to have access to eco-friendly alternatives at a fair price. When you purchase one of our bundles, you automatically get a discount. We created them so it can suit your lifestyle and personality. These Canadian zero-waste bathroom boxes also make the perfect gift for your loved ones, friends & colleagues.

THE BASE has been designed for those who get straight to the essentials and want to make a quick yet impactful switch to zero-waste by reducing their bathroom plastic consumption.

If you want to make your shaving routine zero-waste and eco-friendly with more sustainable products, get your JUST SHAVE bundle now. Check our great blog article about shaving here and why it is so important to start using non-plastic razors.

Exclusively for those stoked to make a real impact, the ECO GURU is the ultimate zero-waste bathroom products box! You get the whole range of our eco-friendly bathroom products made by Canadian… for Canadians. This zero-waste box makes switching to zero-waste bathroom products easy. This box is the best zero-waste bathroom products box for Canadians… by Canadians.

Avid backpackers can search no longer; THE TRAVELLER bundle will follow you on all your adventures and has everything you need to take care of yourself while being on the road, up a mountain, down a river, or on a plane. You name the place, this zero-waste travellers box will keep you zero-waste for the whole adventure.

THE MINIMALIST will suit you if you don’t like clutter and want to consume less, while still taking care of yourself. Design with only the basic eco-friendly bathroom products all in one box to make switching to zero-waste simple & easy.

Together we can create more zero waste space, and eliminate single-use plastic with these plastic-free bathroom product bundles. We’ve got a zero-waste starter kit for everyone, explore your options today.

Skip the plastic & make the switch to zero waste eco-friendly bathroom products made for Canadians…. by Canadians now!