Sustainable Bamboo 

We LOVE Bamboo & it’s perfect FOR YOU - Here are 3 SIMPLE reasons WHY:

  1. Bamboo is a highly sustainable GRASS; it grows fast with little water and no pesticides. It only takes a few weeks to regenerate;
  2. Bamboo has amazing Tensile Strength (ability to resist tearing due tension). Its strength to weight ratio is comparable to actual timber - remember bamboo is actually grass!
  3. Bamboo is a great plant to use to reduce erosion and nourish the soil.
  4. … list goes on and on. 

For us it seems natural to use Bamboo, as much as possible; it’s the perfect substitute for plastic. That’s why you see several bamboo product options here at life UNpacked.

First, we have our line of toothbrushes made with bamboo. Whether it’s the kid’s toothbrush, the adult one, or the version with a replaceable head, there is no reason why you can’t ditch your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one. We even have bamboo holders for you to use in your bathroom, so your toothbrush has a sleek eco-friendly spot in your bathroom. They’re small, practical and have a minimalist design. If you’re the traveler type, get your hands on the travel version of the holder that fits in your purse and backpack keeping your eco-friendly toothbrush ready for any occasion.

If you want to switch your traditional toothpaste tube for a zero-waste toothpaste alternative, then our zero-waste tooth powder in our bamboo container is perfect for you.

Embrace more sustainability in your bathroom by using reusable bamboo rounds; there’s absolutely no reason why you should keep buying single-use cotton pads for your skin routine. Cotton uses a lot of water and due to the bleaching, it doesn’t necessarily biodegrade. And that’s only 2 reasons for you to switch to reusable pads (but trust us, there is way more!). It comes with a laundry bag so they don’t disperse in your washing machine, and a storage bag to keep them clean & ready. 

Finally, bamboo cotton swabs are way better for the environment than your regular plastic ones, and more environmentally friendly than any silicon based ear swabs… reusing swabs just sounds off. Our zero-waste eco-friendly bamboo cotton swabs Buying our Canadian eco-friendly bathroom products are super easy! Get your yearly stock through our subscription service & save 10% on every single order.

At life UNpacked, we make it easy for you to choose your personal care products based on environmental quality and sustainability. Together we can fall in love with bamboo, and other zero-waste eco-friendly alternatives that help transition our planet away from the daily pollution we create with our hygiene habits.