5 Ways Our Company Actually Protects Our Planet

5 Ways Our Company Actually Protects Our Planet

We just want to explicitly list  5 ways our company actually protects our planet... and doesn't just greenwash Canadians into 'another eco-friendly' purchase.

You know plastic pollution is an HUGE issue, and you know we provide Canadians like you a solution to your plastic bathroom product pollution. 

But we do more than just offer a solution... we actually protect our planet, here’s how:

  1. We eliminate plastic
  2. We protest for our planet.
  3. We plant trees.
  4. We use everything
  5. We remind people daily.

There is no greenwashing allowed here at Life UNpacked, our planet can’t afford it & our souls won’t stand for it. We are honest hard working Canadians making a real impact that will last hundreds of years. By purchasing our products you protect our planet & support our vision to eliminate plastic.

#1 We Eliminate Plastic

Canadians like you have already helped us eliminate over 200,000 pieces of plastic. That is an incredible milestone. We didn’t pick up 200,000 pieces of trash from the beach or find a strange new way to justify using plastic products, we actually eliminated 200,000 pieces of plastic from ever existing on our planet. That’s 200,000 pieces of ‘shit’  that our great great great…. (you get it) grandchildren don’t have to deal with ever. Every time we fulfill an order, we hear the echoes from the future whisper, ‘thank you’.

#2 We Protest For Our Planet

Look around for an ‘eco-friendly’ brand that actually takes a stand for our planet. A company that actually walks the talk and doesn’t just provide ‘trendy’ products to make money off people's guilt, but also actively participates in protesting to protect our planet. We are a company that literally makes sacrifices to protect our planet. By supporting us, you are supporting real climate change activists.

#3 We Plant Trees

This is simple. For every order, we plant two trees into our planet to help carbon offset the air pollution we create in our business. This pollution includes the carbon footprint to get our zero-waste products to your door or store, and the carbon footprint to get our products from suppliers. We also work directly with suppliers to eliminate plastic waste in our supply chain, and educate our suppliers about why they need to switch to plastic-free alternatives.

#4 We Use Everything

Nothing goes to waste at our company's headquarters. For example, when we cut your bars, there are slices of soap and shampoo that cannot be sold so we collect them and use them ourselves. We use these offcuts instead of our actual products, we send our friends and family gifts with these off cuts, and occasionally we add these off cuts to your orders to say ‘thank you’. Another example is when suppliers give us samples, heck they just send us stuff… sometimes competitors stuff, so we use that instead of our superior products. Our staff are still using all the ‘sample toothbrushes’ and defective products we could never sell you, because we waste nothing and use everything. 


#5 We Remind People Daily

Everyday people spend time in the bathroom brushing their teeth, washing their body, shaving their face or doing something with bathroom products. Everyday Canadians use our zero-waste products which reminds them to make plastic-free choices. By starting and ending the day with plastic-free products Canadians like you are reminded daily about solutions to our plastic pollution. Our company strives to continuously remind Canadians that together we can eliminate plastic.