Fairy Creek Exclusive - Behind the Forest

Fairy Creek Exclusive - Behind the Forest

Canadians Are Still Destroying Endangered Unprotected Ancient Forests.

Come on Canada. We'll say it again... come on! Simply put we are still destroying ancient forests that have existed longer than our country, our people and our profits. We all know the epic trees that stand tall in protected areas. Today, we are not speaking for the trees, so please listen. Today we are speaking for the entire ecosystem, the vast biodiversity unseen in second-growth forests, the dense library of wisdom we have not studied, and the planet we will have not protected.

We are a small brand taking a big stand. 


Summary of Current Issues

What is happening at Fairy Creek today? The main stream and direct source media coverage on Fairy Creek can be challenging to follow, so we're going to inform you about what's essential. Here are the current issues related to Fairy Creek

  • ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE: Endangered ancient forests are being destroyed... and we only have 2.7% left in "Beautiful B.C"
  • FREEDOM OF SPEECH ISSUE: Media coverage is being censored. Peaceful police coverage exists while media is present; however, aggressive police force is used while journalist are prohibited from entry.*
  • CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUES: Hundreds of Canadians are being arrested for peacefully protesting, expressing their opinion and protecting our planet. 
  • PROVINCIAL POLITICAL ISSUE: The provincial government did not fulfill their platform promises to implement the Old Growth Strategic review.
  • FEDERAL INDIGENOUS ISSUE: Indigenous peoples are losing their culture and land because their "Elected-Officials" who are appointed by the B.C government to facilitate agreements are not making decisions based on censuses within their indigenous political & cultural structure. 

Put bluntly... if you are Canadian, then Fairy Creek matters to you more than you know.

Put even more bluntly... Canadians are watching their freedom dissolve, which is pathetic considering the personal consequences are small while the consequences to people on this planet are massive. 

Come on Canada.

*Note: Active Court Case - Media personnel at the blockades are being forced into designated areas that limit their ability to see how the RCMP are arresting protestors. Therefore, some media coverage is available, but the critical coverage on protestors suspended in trees and attached to other more extreme obstacles blocking industry while police use aggressive force is not available. Learn more about the supreme court ruling directly from the Canadian Journalist Association here >>>

We are a small brand taking a big stand. 


Free & Easy Actions

  1. Local Fairy Creek Protest Events Near You
  2. List of MLAs - Call Yours Today >>>
  3. Sign Petitions - super easy >>>

Guide on how to talk to your MLA - you got this!!!

Key Links

Rainforest Flying Squad Official Site >>>

Rainforest Flying Squad Facebook Group (daily detailed updates) >>>

    Timeline of Events since April 2021

    Timeline of Events prior to April 2021 >>>

    • April 1, 2021: BC Supreme Court approves Teal Jones' injunction.
    • April 9, 2021: The Guardian & The Narwhal publishes article on events, making international news.
    • April 14, 2021: The Pacheedaht nations letter is released.
    • April 15, 2021: Life UNpacked heads to Fairy Creek.
    • April 18, 2021: Life UNpacked returns from Fairy Creek & prepares for Earth Day
    • April 22, 2021: Life UNpacked continues to support blockade, releases an anthem for the movement (see below in 'extras'), and plans next steps.
    • April 30, 2021: Rainforest Flying Squad appeals the injunction (decision still outstanding)
    • May 15: Life UNpacked heads to Fairy Creek to film & produce mini-documentary on issues for Canadians via bike touring trip.
    • May 17: Fairy Creek Caycuse Camp is given 24hrs to evacuate before arrests begin. 
    • May 18: Mitchell owner of Life UNpacked, among others including a freelance journalist, indigenous youth, and grandmothers are arrested
    • May 21: Endangered Screech Owl is found at Caycuse Camp
    • May 20: Caycuse Camp is fully raided by the RCMP
    • May 22: Ancient forests at Caycuse Camp are destroyed while protestor remain in trees only hundreds of feet from active logging where screech owls were sighted.
    • May 26: Arrests continue at other Fairy Creek camps
    • May 28: Waterfall Camp is raided by the RCMP
    • May 30: 1000s of Canadians protest at Fairy Creek and walk through the fabricated 'exclusion zone and reclaim Waterfall Camp. 
    • June 2: Arrests of Canadian citizens continue and count exceeds 100 arrests. 
    • June 7: The Pacheedaht and other local indigenous nations sign a declaration to reclaim the land and halt old-growth logging. The government agrees to the declaration. 
    • June 8: Teal Jones agrees to abide by to the deceleration, but the RCMP continue to enforce the injunction and arrest Canadian citizen.
    • June 18: 100 celebrities speak out to raise awareness
    • June 25: Over 250 protestors have been arrested.

    The War in the Woods continues.... Standby for more updates.