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Build Your Own Subscription

Ready to make the switch to a zero waste lifestyle and have eco-friendly come to you?!

We recognize that everyone uses their self-care products at different rates, so we wanted to give you the ability to get the products you want, on the intervals you want them.

To Build Your Own Subscription

  1. Click over to the Products part of our website.
  2. Select the first product you'd like in your custom subscription.
  3. Choose the subscription option for that product.
  4. Select how frequently you would like your custom subscription by choosing your order interval.
    *Your order interval must be the same for all products.
  5. Click Add to Cart.
  6. Repeat for the additional products you'd like in your custom subscription.
    *Just the same as if you were placing a single-time order, subscriptions require a minimum number of products.
    Learn why we set a minimum order amount.
  7. When you're all set, click Check Out and complete your order as normal.

Keep an eye out for our custom build your own subscription widget coming soon! In the mean time, thanks for bearing with us, we know this isn't the most streamlined and we're working hard to bring you an even better customer experience.