Ditch & Switch Kit 2

How-To Ditch & Switch?

Exclusive Invitation To Our $1/Day Program

We call this "The Ditch & Switch Program" and it makes it unbelievably easy, convenient and affordable for you to eliminate your plastic waste today because...

It's a 6-Month Program that enables you to live - without the plastic waste...

And we deliver program supplies directly to your door throughout the 6-months!

It's a totally simple and hassle-free way for you to protect the planet...

And if you start today you can get the entire program for just $1/day (40% OFF)!

For less than the price of a coffee you'll give the earth the care it needs and get:

✅ Exclusive How To Ditch & Switch Course
✅ Early-Bird Environment Activist Film Screening
✅ ... and a 6-month supply of Canadian zero-waste products!?!?!

✅ 2 Bamboo Toothbrushes 

✅ 3 Silk Floss Spools

✅ Large Tooth Powder Refill

✅ 6 Organic Soap Bars

✅ 4 Organic Shampoo Bars

✅ Glass Refill Jar for Your Floss

✅ Bamboo Refill Container for Your Tooth Powder

✅ Storage Tin for Your Soaps & Shampoo Bars


Of course everything you get is:

✅ High Quality

✅ Easy-to-Use

✅ Made of Sustainable & Organic Ingredients/Materials

✅ Packed in Compostable Packaging

Making this the absolute easiest way for you to stop plastic pollution, and an absolute bargain for just $1/day!

We're offering this crazy deal to you because we want to help eco-conscious leaders like yourself kickstart this movement...

But that also means you have to act quick, as this is a very limited offer!

So if you want to eliminate your plastic waste today with a 40% OFF Discount, a 100% Money-Back Guarantee and FREE SHIPPING...

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What Other Eco-Conscious Canadian's Are Saying...

My daughter introduced me to this company and it just makes me feel sooo much better about what I'm purchasing. It fits with my values and fits with who I am.


The soap and shampoo bars are our personal favorites. The best part for us is that we feel good knowing that we're not creating extra plastic waste with the bathroom products that we buy!


But Why Should You Use Plastic-Free Bathroom Products?

Dear Fellow Canadian,

Are you worried about global warming?

Do you get frustrated thinking about what you can do to stop it?


You're not alone.

Everywhere we look, the evidence is clear:

We have a pollution problem causing global warming.

And it's gotten pretty much everyone worried sick.

What's worse?

The problem seems SO BIG and SO HARD to fix that it becomes debilitating.

What can you possibly do about pollution?

Well, the fastest and easiest thing you can do is change what products you buy.

You see:

Plastic is the biggest culprit of pollution...

And if we stop using plastic, we've gone a long way toward solving our pollution problem.

Using reusable bags and reusable water bottles was a good first step…

But there’s more that you can do...

Waste management experts recently discovered that - without a doubt…

Your Bathroom Products Are One Of The Biggest Culprits For Plastic Waste

In fact, people use over half a kilogram of plastic in their bathroom every year.

Forget what you’ve been told about bathroom products, because according to the experts…

Your bathroom products don’t need to be made with plastic.

Soaps, shampoos, and toothbrushes were invented way before plastic even existed.

Companies only started to make bathroom products out of plastic because it made them more money - not because they needed to!

This means…

Your Bathroom Is The Best Place To Start Reducing Plastic Waste

The reason for this is:

We all brush our teeth, wash our hands, and wash our hair.

If the bathroom products for this basic routine we all have, simply weren’t made with plastic…

No one’s bathroom routine would create plastic waste!

So it would be possible to reduce plastic pollution…

…and help stop global warming…


…there was a convenient way for anyone to get bathroom products that are high qualityeasy-to-use and plastic-free.

You see, the easier it is to stop using plastic products, the more people get involved. 

The more people get involved, the more plastic is eliminated from our planet.

And the more plastic that is eliminated from our planet, the bigger the impact we can have on global warming!

And that’s why we started our company: Life UNpacked

We worked directly with industry professionals to develop high qualityeasy-to-use, and plastic-free bathroom products!

But to make it even simpler for Canadians to stop using plastic bathroom products…

We took these incredible plastic-free bathroom products and created: 

Canada's Only All-In-One Bathroom Kit That Is Easy-To-Use, Plastic-Free & Delivered Directly To Your Door

And it’s called: 

The Ditch & Switch Kit - A 6-month supply of plastic-free bathroom essentials!

And, for a limited time you can try it 100% risk-free and for just $1/day...

This kit makes it so incredibly simple for you to stop using plastic because it has all the bathroom products you use - without the plastic!

All products in this kit were developed by leading industry professionals and are:

✅ High Quality

✅ Easy-to-Use

✅ Made of Sustainable & Organic Ingredients/Materials

✅ Packed in Compostable Packaging

AND it's even more convenient than traditional plastic bathroom products because the order process is totally automatic!

Just subscribe to the Ditch & Switch Kit today and you’ll get a 6-month supply of the bathroom products you need…

Delivered directly to your door - twice a year!

The truth is, this zero-waste bathroom kit is so incredible that when you try it today...

You'll Wish You Started Sooner...

… because with the Ditch & Switch Kit:

✅ You won’t be overwhelmed by plastic anymore!

✅ You’ll inspire others to follow your lead!

✅ You’ll protect the planet for future generations!

✅ You won’t forget to restock on your bathroom products!

✅ You’ll support a local, Canadian company!

✅ You’ll play your part in the battle against plastic pollution!

Canadian's LOVE These Plastic-Free Products...


"I think the most important part about trying to stop plastic pollution is: doing what you can. When there's an easy solution to plastic waste it's important to take it on. I really love what Life UNpacked does!"


"Life UNpacked makes me feel so much better about what I'm purchasing because it's not disposable products that I'll use once and then dump. Life Unpacked fits my values, and who I am. I absolutely love this company!"



"I've always wanted to use sustainable products and I used to have to get them from so many different places. I love that Life UNpacked offers me everything I need from one place!"


"I love how easy it is to go plastic free with Life Unpacked! I highly recommend their shampoo bar! It works so well I don't have to use conditioner anymore because it's all natural."


OVER 5,000 Canadians from coast to coast have already eliminated OVER 0 pieces of plastic!

Ready to join the 5,000 other eco-conscious Canadians that need your help to stop plastic pollution?

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With The Ditch & Switch Kit You'll Help Stop Plastic Pollution Today And Get:

Eliminate 2 Pieces of Plastic Waste

2 Bamboo Toothbrushes

Eliminates 6 Pieces of Plastic Waste

3 Silk Floss Spools

Eliminate 8 Pieces of Plastic Waste

200g Tooth Powder Refill

Eliminate 6 Pieces of Plastic Waste

6 Organic Soap Bars

Eliminates 4 Pieces of Plastic

4 Organic Shampoo Bars

Eliminate 5 Piece of Plastic Waste

Refill & Storage Containers

Inspire 2 People To Eliminate Plastic Waste

2 FREE Bamboo Toothbrushes!

Just $1 A Day To Get All Your Bathroom Essentials: Plastic-Free

That’s all it costs for you to stop using plastic in your bathroom and help give the earth the care it needs.

The 180-Day Ditch & Switch Kit has a retail price of $299.99…

But if you start today, you can get the 180-Day Ditch & Switch Kit for just $179.99!

Just click the orange "Buy Now" button below to claim your exclusive offer...

That’s less than $1 a day for an entire 6 month supply of plastic-free bathroom products, delivered to your door, twice a year!

Of course you can easily cancel your subscription at any time for no extra fee, but if you subscribe right now you’ll also get:

Our Zero-Risk, Zero-Waste 100% Money Back Guarantee!

We guarantee that you’ll love these products and they’ll make reducing plastic waste simple for you… or we’ll happily give you your money back!

The Ditch & Switch Kit is a real solution to plastic pollution because we carefully designed it to fit everyone’s needs…

So we are extremely confident that it will work for you…

And have no problem offering you a guarantee that no other bathroom products company would even consider offering you!

If for some out of the ordinary reason it isn’t simple to use and effective for you... just reach out to our team in your first 30 days and you'll get your money back.

Now, you may be wondering…

Why Are We Offering You This Kit For Such A Ridiculously Low Price?

The reason for this is simple…

You’re early…

And the role you’re playing in launching this plastic-free movement is MASSIVELY important…

So we’re making it as easy as possible for you to start reducing plastic today by offering you 40% off the retail price!

Of course we can’t offer this exclusive deal to everyone…

Once we have enough people to ignite this movement, this incredible offer will expire.

We’re only offering this exclusive deal to a limited number of people, so we highly recommend you click the orange "Buy Now" button and claim this limited-time offer while you still can!

Your Action Today Will Cause A Ripple Effect...

Fast forward to a month from now…

You just woke up, yet you feel inspired by the very first room you walk into. 

A tin with your shampoo bar sits on your shower edge, and bamboo toothbrushes, tooth powder and soaps sit peacefully on your counter.

You’re so inspired by this simple change you made that you won’t stop raving about it to your friends and family.

Every week another one of your friends tells you they took your advice and started eliminating plastic with Life UNpacked.

You even started keeping track of how much plastic you and your friends are eliminating and…

You’ve already eliminated over 500 pieces of plastic together!

You finally feel like stopping plastic pollution is possible, and that we actually CAN stop global warming.

You wish you had tried the Ditch & Switch kit sooner…

So click "Buy Now" to become a leader in the battle against plastic waste today:

If You Try The Ditch & Switch Kit Now You'll Get:

2 Bamboo Toothbrushes $17.99 Value
3 Silk Floss Spools $14.99 Value
1 Refillable Floss Jar $6.99 Value
1 200G Tooth Powder Refill $59.99 Value
1 Bamboo Tooth Powder Container $12.99 Value
6 Organic Soap Bars $59.99 Value
4 Organic Shampoo Bars $74.99 Value
1 Shampoo Bar Storage Tin $11.99 Value
2 Bamboo Toothbrushes $17.99 Value
100 Organic Kale Seeds $9.99 Value
FREE Shipping $11.99 Value
TOTAL VALUE: $299.99


We're so excited to have you join us and help make the world a better place.

The Life UNpacked Team

P.S. If you’re like us and skip to the end, here’s the deal…

We have a plastic pollution problem that is causing global warming. 

So we made all the traditional bathroom products you use… plastic-free!

Then we created a plastic-free starter kit called the Ditch & Switch Kit! 

You get a 6-month supply of your bathroom essentials - plastic-free and delivered directly to your door.

The retail price of all these products is usually $299.99…

But today you can get the entire starter kit for just $179.99…

That’s a savings of 40% and less than $1 a day…

But you have to hurry because this incredible deal is VERY limited.

Don’t miss out - click the big orange button below to claim your exclusive offer!

*The bristles on our Bamboo Toothbrushes are made of Nylon. This is the same for ALL bamboo toothbrushes on the market, but we are actively working to develop new options!