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Zero-Waste Shave Kit: Just Shave

Zero-Waste Shave Kit: Just Shave

Save 21% $62.93

This box  eliminates 21 pieces of plastic  you would have created if you bought traditional shaving products.

Get your plastic-free shaving products, you'll love these zero-waste products more than you normal shaving sh*t… sorry “stuff”.

Typical Lifespan: +50 Shaves
End of Life: 0% Plastic Waste

Meet Canada's ONLY Zero-Waste Shave Kit

Bamboo Razor

The EASIEST zero-waste razor that gives YOU the cleanest & closest shave.
100% Plastic-Free

Shave Bar (with Travel Tin)

Ditch the disposable shaving cream. This ORGANIC shave bar makes shaving simple.
100% Plastic-Free

Razor Baldes

The HIGHEST quality stainless steel razor blades. These premium razor blades are the most popular zero-waste razor blades.
100% Plastic-Free

Canadians from coast to coast have already eliminated OVER 199,402 pieces of plastic!

Over 350
5-Star Reviews

Canadians Love Our Company.

What Canadians Say... Eh?

I am loving each product that I have purchased so much! It makes me feel good that I am making as many changes as possible to reduce plastic as much as I can. Will continue to buy as gifts and spread the word. Let us join together in helping the Environment!

Sarah B.

Best shave I've ever had. Low environmental impact to boot. Can't do better than that.


Canadian Moose with Canadians Maple Leaf symbolizing Local Made in Canada Products.
Christopher N.

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Because we are Canadian...
We ONLY use Canada Post


Everything in this box is 100% plastic-free.
No Waste. No Problem.


Support a Canadian business.
Made for Canadians... By Canadians.

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