Zero-Waste Shave Kit: Just Shave
Zero-Waste Shave Kit: Just Shave
Zero-Waste Shave Kit: Just Shave
Zero-Waste Shave Kit: Just Shave

Zero-Waste Shave Kit: Just Shave

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This box  eliminates 21 pieces of plastic  you would have created if you bought traditional shaving products.

Get your plastic-free shaving products, you'll love these zero-waste products more than you normal shaving sh*t… sorry “stuff”.

Typical Lifespan: +50 Shaves
End of Life: 0% Plastic Waste

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8 reviews

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The Perfect Gift

Got this as a gift, and it was perfect! Razor: The weight is just right and balanced to get a great handle on your shave, and for any part of the body. This means it takes curves like butter, and leaves no razor burn, no ingrown hairs, and no nicks. I thought there would be a much larger learning curve going from disposable 2-3 razor plastic and disposable cartridge heads to this double edge safety razor, but turns out it is basically the same. You might want to start slower just to get used it, but otherwise, especially if you've been shaving for a few years already, it's an easy and seamless switch. Soap: I've used it both with and without the soap, and would say the soap makes the razor simply glide across your skin like skates on ice (smooth!!), allows for an even closer shave, and leaves you feeling fresh and ready to take on the day. The smell - I got the west coast bar - is also a nice and invigorating addition!

life UNpacked

Hi Erick - it's great to hear that the Just Shave bundle is a great gift! Switching to a safety razor can take a little bit to adjust but it's totally worth it! Also we're glad that you're enjoying the west coast breeze bar as well!

Julie B.
Canada Canada
Love it!

I love the razor, it's quite hefty and feels very durable. I've been using it for 2 months now and still love it. I get a close shave without damaging my skin. I'm prone to getting razor burn and often got nicked while using disposable/5 blade razors. I think I've gotten maaaaaybe 3 nicks since I've switched and zero razor burns! That's a huge bonus for me. The shave bar lathered very nicely but didn't last too long. To be fair, I dohave course leg hair and shave often. Thankfully my bar of soap worked just as well to get the shaving job done! The razor blades last a reasonably long time as well. I've decided to use the tin that my shave bar came in as a used blade bank.

life UNpacked

Hi Julie - we're so stoked that you're loving our Just Shave Bundle! So happy for you that it works well and that you're making an impact on your plastic consumption. We're grateful!

A life UNpacked Customer
Heather A.
Canada Canada
Love the Razor Soap is small.

I was surprised how easy the razor was to use. I was worried it would have more of a learning curve but it is basically the same as using disposable or cartridge razors. I wouldn’t say it is a closer shave but it is comparable and gets around curvy places like knees, ankles and armpits just as well as a cartridge. I haven’t had any razor burn either. The kit overall might be unnecessary. It’s a pretty small bar of shave soap and my normal bar of soap works just as well for shaving.

life UNpacked

Hi Heahter - thank you so much for your detailed review!! Happy you're enjoying our razor!

Sarah B.
Canada Canada

I am loving each product that I have purchased so much! It makes me feel good that I am making as many changes as possible to reduce plastic as much as I can. Will continue to buy as gifts and spread the word. Let us join together in helping the Environment!

life UNpacked

Hi Sarah - thank you so much for the support!!! We're glad you're doing your part to help our planet!

Canada Canada
Excellent products

Love these! The shave soap bar smells so good. Glad to make a small contribution to minimizing use of plastics.

life UNpacked

Hi Bharat - we're glad you're making small changes to reduce your consumption of plastic! Thanks for the support!!

Zero-Waste Shave Kit: Just Shave

Save 21% & Just Shave!

Shaving without plastic is fantastic & easy! Leave no trace on your face, and earth’s space. Just Shaving gives you all the eco-friendly zero-waste shaving essentials bundled into one glorious green grooming option.

Take the guilt out of grooming your face & body. Put disposable razors, shaving cream, and razor blades in the past, you don’t need them anymore. The option is clear, waste-free, and ready for you! Instead of shaving with disposable grooming products that pollute our planet, you can choose this plastic-free shaving bundle today.


  • Safety Razor Blades
  • Citrus Shave Bar with Travel Tin (Travel Size) 
  • Bamboo Razor

Our Safety Razors are completely zero waste & provide the closest possible shave that removes hair the first time. Say goodbye to traditional disposable plastic razor blades and say hello to the best eco-friendly razor blades anyone in Canada could own. It’s that simple.

Our Shave Bar is 100% natural, sulfate-free, and palm oil-free with no parabens and synthetic fragrances. Due to this, our Canada-made moisturizing shave bars provide the same luxurious lather you expect from traditional shaving cream, without stripping your face of its natural oils and moisture. 

Our Bamboo Razor is a classic; just metal & bamboo - no plastic. Our environmentally friendly straight blade bamboo razor provides the closest possible shave and removes hair right...the first time. Gone are the days of suffering through razor burn, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs to then throw your plastic razor in the garbage. 

Our Just Shave bundle is available right now for people who are looking to switch to a zero-waste eco-friendly shaving solution that is easy, plastic-free, and fantastic for our planet.

Eliminate plastic from your grooming routine, choose planet over plastic today... & Save 21%

Bamboo Safety Razor:

Your bamboo razor handle will last you for years to come, we guarantee it.*

In the unlikely event you need to dispose of your bamboo razor handle, unscrew the pieces from each other, recycle the stainless steel bits, and compost the bamboo handle.

*Life span will vary based on frequency of use, storage conditions, handling, etc.

Safety Razor Blades:

Typical Life Span: 5-10 shaves (per blade)*

If your city specifies that they collect scrap metal with their curbside recycling, you can toss your razor blades in there. Be sure to put them in an aluminum can or other small container so no one is injured.

Most city recycling programs, however, collect scrap metal separately.

Collect your blades in a blade bank made from an aluminum can or other small container. Be sure it is clearly labelled and keep it away from children and pets.

When the can is close to full, tape the opening to seal it and drop it off at your local scrap metal collection site for recycling.

*Life span will vary based on thickness of hair, storage conditions, etc.

Travel Size Shave Bar: 

30-40 washes*

Your shave bar will dissolve to nothing so you don’t need to worry about disposing of it, unlike an aerosol can!

*Life span will vary based on storage conditions, desired foaminess, etc.

Travel Tin:

Your travel tin will last you for years to come, so keep it and use it again and again.*

In the unlikely event you need to dispose of your travel tin or insert, they can be tossed in your recycling bin.

Plastic everything.

A garbage truck’s worth of plastic is dumped into our oceans each minute, adding to the growing Global Pacific Garbage Patch (which is now twice the size of Texas).

Join Just Shavers everywhere picking planet over plastic and refills over landfills!

Bamboo Razor & Blades: 

*For first time use - Unscrew razor head from razor handle, place blade between two pieces of razor head (teeth away from the handle), then screw razor head to razor handle. 

  1. Prep your skin with warm water.
  2. Lather up with your life UNpacked shave bar.
  3. Hold razor at about 30 degrees and let the weight of the razor do the work as you pull in short, straight strokes.
  4. Rinse the blade, and of course yourself!

*If you feel the need to press your razor into your skin, it’s time for a new blade!

Shave Bar with Travel Tin: 

  1. Wet your shave bar.
  2. Hold directly to the skin and rub in a circular motion or rub shave bar between your hands to lather.
  3. Shave as you normally would.
  4. Rinse.
  5. Store lifted on travel tin insert or soap saver.

*Drain your travel tin after each use to prevent your shave bar from sitting in a puddle!

Bamboo Safety Razor

Bamboo & Stainless Steel

Safety Razor Blades

Stainless Steel

Citrus Shave Bar with Travel Tin

Sodium Olivate (Organic Olive Oil/Huile d'Olive Biologique), Sodium Cocoate (Organic Coconut Oil/Huile de Noix de Coco Biologique), Vitis Vinifera (Organic Grapeseed Oil/Huile de Pépins de Raisin Biologique), Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe Vera/Aloe Vera Biologique), Panthenol (Vitamin B5 Vitamine B5), Charcoal Powder (Bamboo Charcoal Powder/Poudre de Charbon de Bambou), Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile Extract/Extrait de Chamomille), Rosa Centifolia (Red Rose Extract/Extrait de Rose Rouge), Calendula Officinalis (Calendula Extract/Extrait de Calendula), Urtica Dioica (Nettle Leaf Extract/Extrait de Feuille d’Ortie), Litsea Cubeba (Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil/Huile Essentielle de Litsea Cubeba), Citrus Bergamia (Bergamot Essential Oil/Huile Essentielle de Bergamote)

Bamboo Safety Razor

Bamboo razor handles are shipped in a biodegradable box. This packaging can be thrown into your recycle bin.

Safety Razor Blades

Razor blades are shipped in a biodegradable box. This packaging can be thrown into your recycle bin.

Citrus Shave Bar with Travel Tin

Your shave bar will be shipped inside your travel tin. Keep this tin and use it again and again.