Press Release: A Fairy Creek film - Summer 2022

Press Release: A Fairy Creek film - Summer 2022

Our CEO has taken on an Executive Producer role for Fairy Creek film with top Canadian filmmakers!

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Our journey with Fairy Creek started in August 2020, when Mitchell (our CEO) created hundreds of anonymous posters and distributed them across Victoria. Back then, only a small group of political activists knew about Fairy Creek and the blockade brewing which has become Canada’s largest act of civil disobedience with over 900 Canadians like you arrested. 

(Note: Mitchell was one of the first arrests at Fairy Creek while he played “Tall Trees”, the first song he wrote for movement.) 

Fast forward to August of 2021, now we have an announcement to make, an opportunity to share, and a message for our people. The Fairy Creek Blockade has become the largest act of civil disobedience in Canada’s history, and we are continuing our commitment to bring the truth to Canadians about this historic event. This protest is about more than some tall trees... so please read this carefully with an open heart.

Our Announcement:

Our CEO has pledged to be an Executive Producer alongside Mark Achbar (producer of Canada’s top-grossing documentary films). Together they will work with Director Jen Muranetz to present Canadians, and peoples of our planet a film that inspires humans to protect our planet while educating everyone about what is actually happening at Fairy Creek… spoiler alert, the media is not telling the full story. 

Life UNpacked is STOKED to present this historic film about Fairy Creek: Standing with the Ancients - coming soon (Summer 2022)

Our Opportunity:

Together we have a choice. We can support our eco-system or our ego-system. Today, you can support us and amplify your impact. We are aiming to raise $7.5k to fund this film, and bring Canadians the truth… whatever folds. 

This protest has persisted for over a year, but this is only the start. The funds will be used to create the historical documentary film about Fairy Creek. A film that will shape the history of our country, and showcase Canadian people leading our planet to protection.

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Our Message:

Our message has always been clear. Protect, and preserve the planet. That is why Life UNpacked helps Canadians eliminate plastic from their bathroom AND why Life UNpacked has supported the Fairy Creek blockade since the beginning. Now we need your direct action to amplify the impact. Please help us to create this film. We can’t do this alone.

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Irony & Issues:

The Canadian media industry has been compromised, causing Canadians like us to glance over the headline with apathy, desensitized to the reality of our climate emergency. Or worse… the mainstream media we listen to that biases our perspective which attempts to paint protestors as environmental radicals. But here is the truth, the only people protesting at Fairy Creek are humans. Humans like you and me; professionals, scientists, tradesmen, students, artists, indigenous peoples, grandmothers, children, retired folks, and more. 

Some people might heckle “get a job” or “bunch of hippies”, but they are missing two large blind spots; Canadians care and COVID-19. 

The first is obvious, Canadians care about climate change, that's one reason this movement is Canada's largest act of civil disobedience.

The second is less obvious, COVID-19. Without the pandemic that presented itself throughout this movement, people would have continued their normal daily lives in urban areas unaware, and unable to take action in the woods. 

Ironically, for the first time in Canadian history, we have a large act of civil disobedience funded by wage subsidies, CERB. This rare opportunity for public people to take a political stand and protect our planet showcases a major issue. People are so self-absorbed in their daily modern life that they cannot stand up for what we all breathe on, live with, and exist because - Mother Earth. Our political system is so broken that it took billions of taxpayer dollars to enable a small group of Canadians to engage politically. To step away from their apathetic attitudes, to realize what is happening at Fairy Creek is wrong, yet still, the media system suppresses this monumental moment in Canadian history. 

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Take the last stand with us, and support ALL these issues:

  • Environmental Issues
  • Civil Rights Issues
  • Indigenous Land Right Issues
  • Media Rights Issues
  • Provincial Political Issues.

Learn more about Fairy Creek on our past blog posts here.

A personal message from Mitchell
(if you're here, then please listen)

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