Fairy Creek: The Last Stand Continues.

Fairy Creek: The Last Stand Continues.

Over 800 Canadians have been arrested for protecting our planet. 

Over 100 arrests were made last week, bring the total number of arrests over 800.

Thousands of volunteers, indigenous peoples, activists, and Canadian citizens have spent over 365 days protecting the last intact ancient forest watershed at Fairy Creek, yet the war in the woods continues.

This is our update on what is happening, and how you can participate TODAY because the planet need YOU more now than ever... here is why:

The media cannot tell the truth because journalists have been physically restricted from the grounds and what is published doesn't speak to the people, the people like you and us that need our planet.

Video footage has been shared, protests have orchestrated, government official have been call, 100 celebrities have endorsed the movement, yet the war in the woods continues.

Our collective apathy is destroying our civil rights, and our chance to live with the planet (not on the planet).

Knock, knock... our planet is at the door. No time to ignore. Remember who this place is for.

Time to drop to apathy. Our country, planet, and unborn children need us to stand up.

We can make a difference, and we are... but our planet needs YOU now more than ever.

Come on Canada. We'll say it again... Come on Canada.

Simply put we are STILL destroying ancient forests that have existed longer than our country, our people and our profits. 

Summary of Current Issues

What is happening at Fairy Creek today? The main stream and direct source media coverage on Fairy Creek can be challenging to follow, so we're going to inform you about what's essential. Here are the current issues related to Fairy Creek & Ancient Forest Protests.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE: Endangered ancient forests are being destroyed... and we only have 2.7% left in "Beautiful B.C"
  • FREEDOM OF SPEECH ISSUE: Media coverage is being censored. Peaceful police coverage exists while media is present; however, aggressive police force is used while journalist are prohibited from entry.*
  • CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUES: Hundreds of Canadians are being arrested for peacefully protesting, expressing their opinion and protecting our planet. 
  • PROVINCIAL POLITICAL ISSUE: The provincial government did not fulfill their platform promises to implement the Old Growth Strategic review.
  • FEDERAL INDIGENOUS ISSUE: Indigenous peoples are losing their culture and land because their "Elected-Officials" who are appointed by the B.C government to facilitate agreements are not making decisions based on censuses within their indigenous political & cultural structure. 

Put bluntly... if you are Canadian, then Fairy Creek matters to you more than you know.

Put even more bluntly... Canadians are watching their freedom dissolve, which is pathetic considering the personal consequences are small while the consequences to people on this planet are massive. Canadians need to lead by example.

Come on Canada.

*Note: The courts have ruled the media can have access to Fairy Creek, but RCMP is acting 'unlawfully' and ignoring this ruling... so there is another court case starting. (Learn more about the 1st Court Case Here & Here)

Free & Easy Actions

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Easy Guide on how to talk to your MLA - you got this!!!

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    The War in the Woods continues.... Standby for more updates.