Plastic Producers Forced to Reveal Contribution to Plastic Pollution

Plastic Producers Forced to Reveal Contribution to Plastic Pollution

Pellets, Pellets and More Pellets!!

At this point we all know just how harmful plastic is for our environment, and generally blame products like plastic shampoo bottles, water bottles, toothbrushes etc. for the epidemic we find ourselves in. However, while these final form products are certainly a major issue, often overlooked is the impact of the plastic pellets that are used to make these products. Every aspect of plastic pollution is extremely harmful to our environment, but the pieces of plastic that don’t make it into final products are often forgotten about. Plastic pellets are the second largest contributor to oceanic plastic pollution, and it is estimated that over 10 trillion of these pellets end up in our oceans each year. Due to their likeness to the shape and size of food, marine animals often mistake these pellets as such, causing them suffocation, or serious illness.


Plastic pellets being held in hand

Investors Take a Stand

Dupont is one of the largest plastics, materials and chemicals producers in the world producing a wide range of materials used for products, building, cosmetics, agriculture and more. Naturally, shareholders and people in general have been concerned about DuPont’s contribution to the pollution for many years, but just recently have we seen this concern into action. In May of 2021, it was announced that 81.2% of DuPoint investors had voted in favour of the company being obligated to release data on how many plastic pellets it spills into the environment and our oceans each year. This is a great first step, and we are excited to see large scale plastic producers begin to be held to a high standard of scrutiny, and invoke change in their processes. 

Now It's Your Turn!

While this is a great first step in holding these large scale plastic producers accountable for their contribution to plastic pollution, there is more that needs to be done! Cutting plastic out of our daily routines is the first and best step towards sustainability and with Life UNpacked’s line of plastic free, Canadian, zero waste products… the time to start is now! Take your first step today and try our plastic free floss, plastic free makeup rounds, plastic free bamboo toothbrushes and so much more!


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