Top 7 Benefits of Shampoo & Bars!

Top 7 Benefits of Shampoo & Bars!

Bars are a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottled shampoo, soap, and shaving cream. But did you know our Shampoo and Bars also come with other benefits like convenience and natural wellness? Keep scrolling to learn more about the benefits of shampoo bars and be sure to grab your own shampoo and bars from Life UNpacked to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle today!

1. Concentrated Goodness

  • Each of our shampoo, soap, and shaving cream products are concentrated bars of goodness that can outlast two to three bottles of liquid product. The full size (80 g) Mountain Evergreen Zero Waste Shampoo Bar can last up to 80 washes! Purchasing bars ensure that your purchase is formulated with less water and the highest concentration of body-loving ingredients in each product.
2. Cleaner Ingredients 
  • Here at Life UNpacked, we believe that using clean ingredients for our products will not only result in a cleaner customer but also a cleaner planet as well. All our shampoo, soap, and shaving bars are made with all natural ingredients and fragrances that are also chemical, sulfate, palm oil, and paraben-free! With locally sourced ingredients from Canada, we can ensure that our vegan bars are able to provide the same luxurious lather you expect from traditional shampoo, without stripping your hair of its natural oils and moisture.

3. Convenient Travelling
  • Imagine going on your dream vacation but having your favourite liquid shampoo taken away from you due to carry-on restrictions. Soap bars are travel-friendly and won't set any alarms with airport security. Furthermore their convenient and lightweight packaging allows for the perfect body cleaning companion on outdoor camping and backpacking trips as well! All of our shampoo, soap, and shave bars come in both Full (80 g) and Travel (40 g) sizes, perfect for your next adventure! 

4. Health Benefits 

  • We have hand selected specific scents and ingredients to not only help you smell fresh but also stay healthy as well. Our zero waste Shampoo Bar incorporates restorative tea tree and eucalyptus scents for an all-natural deodorant, anti-bacterial and dandruff-control impact. Our zero waste Soap Bars are infused with lemongrass and cedarwood essential oils with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and de-stressing properties. Last but not least, our zero waste Shave Bars are made with organic aloe vera which provides natural moisturization after every shave. 

5. Lower Carbon Footprint 

  • Due to the light-weight nature of bar products, our shampoo, soap, and shave bars offer a lower carbon footprint than its bottle counterparts. All of our Shampoo & Bars made and shipped locally here in Canada, requiring less space and distance during transport. We are reducing up to 15 transport trucks of liquid products a day for one transport truck of solid shampoo, soap, and shave bars to achieve the same amount of washes. 

6. Easy to Use 
  • Our bars are easy to use and take up less space in the shower. Just hop into the shower, rub the bar between your hands to lather, work those suds all over your body until you are squeaky clean, rinse, and you are done! For longer storage, be sure to order Life UNpacked Travel Tins to keep your soap safe until the next shower!

7. Eliminate Plastic Waste 

  • Each year more than 380 million tonnes of plastic are produced for the various items you use day to day. It is estimated that 8 million of these 380 million tonnes, end up in our oceans, with the rest being incinerated or ending up in landfills and other areas of our environment. At Life UNpacked we take the issue surrounding plastic waste very seriously, and work alongside our community every day to cut down on plastic consumption. By purchasing our zero-waste shampoo, soap, and shave bars, you are preventing up to 10 plastic bottles of liquid products that end up in our landfills or (even worse) our oceans every single year! 

So what are you waiting for? Eliminate plastic and live a healthier lifestyle by ditching bottled products and transitioning to bar products today! Check out our Zero Waste Shampoo, Zero Waste Soap, and Zero Waste Shave Bars, satisfaction guaranteed.