Why Kevin Loves Our Shampoo Bars?

Why Kevin Loves Our Shampoo Bars?

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You'll stop creating unnecessary plastic waste

Our shampoo bars are highly concentrated (with good ingredients of course).

They pack the same punch as a full bottle of shampoo - in a fraction of the size. You'll keep your hair clean and fresh - without any of the waste.

You'll keep harmful detergent and chemicals out of your hair

Most shampoos are just detergent (yes, just like dish soap) mixed in with a bunch of other chemicals.    

Our natural shampoo bars are made with organic ingredients that are gentle on your hair, your skin, and the planet. No more nasty chemicals in your hair and down the drain!

Your hair will feel so much cleaner every day

Detergents strip all the oils from your hair - even the good ones. This causes your hair to over-produce oil.

Our shampoo bars remove the bad oils and dirt from your hair - without removing the natural oils your hair needs to stay soft, clean and healthy.

You'll be washing your hair less in a matter of weeks - because it won't get oily nearly as quickly.

You'll support local, Canadian businesses

Handmade with lots of love in Vancouver, BC, our shampoo bars provide you an artisanal hair experience.

When you order shampoo bars from us, you’re supporting passionate soap makers with over 25 years of experience.

You'll save space!

You can fit 10 of our shampoo bars into the same space that one shampoo bottle fits.

Their compact size makes them great for traveling, camping, sleep overs or stocking up for a family that seems to run through shampoo like nobody's business.

There are 450+ 5-Star Reviews On Our Products

And over 5,000 Canadians that have eliminated their plastic waste with Life UNpacked

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Some Real Results From Our Shampoo Bar Lovers:

Luisa: “I now only have the shampoo bar and the soap bar in the shower, eliminated all the rest (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc). It's better for me, it's better for the environment - what's not to like about it?! :)”

Katie: “I thought it would be a hassle with long hair but not at all! I will never buy shampoo in a bottle again.”

Laura: “My hair took about 2 weeks to adjust, but once it did, I couldn't believe that my hair was no longer perpetually oily. I used to have to wash my hair every day, but since I've switched to this shampoo bar, my hair no longer gets greasy within hours like it used to.”


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