Why Zero-Waste Is The BEST Way To Eliminate Plastic!

Why Zero-Waste Is The BEST Way To Eliminate Plastic!

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Or keep reading to learn why zero-waste floss is so awesome.

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It’s the easiest way for you to eliminate plastic waste

Because you don’t sacrifice anything by using our sustainably sourced silk floss or 100% vegan corn floss. 

Other biodegradable floss can break easily and get stuck in your teeth (ironic right?).

Our floss is strong, sturdy and works great on all teeth types. Yes, even tight teeth!

Every single day, you’ll play your part in stopping plastic pollution

After all, you do floss every day don’t you?! 

Or you’re at least trying to so you can make your dentist proud, right? ;)

You’ll give your teeth a dentist-approved clean

Dental hygienists love our floss and recommend it to their clients all the time. 

Because it keeps your teeth healthy and pearly white - without any plastic waste.

Just look at how much better it looks in your bathroom:

Talk about a conversation starter. These beautiful glass refill jars are the perfect addition to any aesthetic bathroom. 

Better for the planet, and better on your eyes! What’s not to like?

There are +450 5-Star Reviews on our products!

And 5,000+ Canadians that have eliminated their plastic waste with Life UNpacked.

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Some Real Results from Our Biodegradable Floss Lovers:

Julie: "Love the silk floss! Have been using it for months. Great even for tight teeth. My whole family uses it (even my son with braces). Great product. Cute glass container."

Claire: "I ordered the silk floss and I thought that it would be more fragile than a conventional floss. Surprisingly, I found that it was very strong. I like the resuable container too. I will have good dental hygiene in an eco-friendly way !"

Ryan: "I can say its the best floss I've ever used for my teeth. It's strong and durable but smooth to use. To sum up how good this is, my dental office asked which floss I switched to as they noticed immediately the improvement just from the floss."

Start every day with a positive impact on the planet.

- The Life UNpacked Team

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P.S. Plastic-Free July is ends in less than 24 hours. Trying our bio-degradable floss today is a great way for you to support this important movement while you still can.