Bamboo Cotton Swabs
Bamboo Cotton Swabs
Bamboo Cotton Swabs
Bamboo Cotton Swabs

Bamboo Cotton Swabs

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A sustainable alternative to traditional pesky plastic options.

You’ll love the feeling of high quality bamboo between your fingers as you go about your daily self-care routine with these 100% pure cotton swabs.

Our cotton swabs are made from bamboo, not plastic, which is one of the most sustainable plants on Earth.

Whether you use them for applying or removing makeup, household cleaning, arts and crafts, or that pesky ear wax, be confident that your choice isn’t harming the turtles!

Quantity: 100

Plastic cotton swabs.

It’s not uncommon for many people to flush their cotton swabs down the toilet when they’re finished with them. Unfortunately, this fast tracks these plastic bad boys right into our environment because they are small and often escape waste management systems.

Plastic cotton swabs may weather, but because they are made of plastic, they won’t break down fully. Their small, slim shape makes them easily indigestible by marine animals, which can cause injury or death.

Stick: Bamboo
Tip: Cotton
  1. Grab the cotton swab with two fingers at one end of the swab.
  2. Insert the cotton swab into your ear.
  3. *Be careful not to push in too far or make any sudden movements.
  4. Gently wipe inside your ear.
  5. Discard cotton swab in your green waste bin.

*Using cotton swabs should never hurt, if you feel pain stop immediately.

Bamboo cotton swabs are shipped in a biodegradable box. This packaging can be thrown into your recycle bin.

Typical Life Span: 3 months (per box of 100)*

After using your bamboo cotton swabs, simply toss them into your compost bin.

*Life span will vary based on frequency of use, storage conditions, etc.

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Audrey .
Great zero waste substitute

Trying to switch my household to a more eco friendly home and these bamboo cotton swabs make it pretty easy!! I don't notice a difference between these and the generic cotton swabs. Overall, a great product that I feel good about using.

life UNpacked

Thank you Audrey!! So glad we can help you transitioning away from plastic. Those bamboo cotton swabs are an easy switch!!

Good stuff

The cotton isn’t as puffy as normal swabs, which deterred me a little, I thought they’d be firm and hard, but I feel no difference between the two. Love that they’re compostable, especially after I heard that 2 BILLION cotton swabs get thrown out everyday. Overall, they’re a good product

life UNpacked

Hi Bella- glad you made the switch to compostable cotton swabs, thanks for doing your part in reducing the amount of plastic used on the planet!!

Sturdily built

No complaints here, and I get to toss into compost tumbler, guilt-free (now if I could just get better at composting XD ). I'd love to be able to see these come in packages ofat least 200+, as I do go through these quite quickly

life UNpacked

Hi Patti- you're doing great, thank you for doing your part in reducing waste! We'll see what we can do about the quantity, we always like to get feedback! Happy to see you enjoy our Bamboo Cotton Swabs.

David D.
Top notch cotton swabs!

Love these guys. The cotton doesn't unwind when you use them, they just fully grab all the ear wax from my ear and gently pull it out. I love that I can just throw these in to my compost and know that I am not adding to the waste pollution in the landfills. Cheers to that! Only recommendation would be to have the opening on the side of the box to make it a bit easier to grab them.

life UNpacked

Thanks David! We are super glad for the recommendations, you are definitely on to something with that. For our next batch, we will be making sure the cotton swabs can be removed by the side with the bamboo.

Kyla W.
Cotton and bamboo winning combo

This bamboo & cotton combo is so simple and brilliant. They work great and can then just go back in to the compost with taking hundreds of years to decompose. I use the swabs for getting water out of my ears after a shower... and before these I was using the plastic or paper ones - they just weren’t the same quality or effectiveness.

life UNpacked

Both cotton and bamboo are sustainable to grow and produce compared to their counterparts. We found this to be the best pairing for sustainability and quality!