Tooth Powder Refill
Tooth Powder Refill
Tooth Powder Refill

Tooth Powder Refill

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We’ve eliminated the need for those finicky plastic tubes and the ongoing debate of whether to squeeze toothpaste from the middle of the tube or the end!

Your mouth will love the fresh taste of mint and your teeth will be left feeling squeaky clean.

Our tooth powder is an easy to use alternative to toothpaste, just dip and brush!

Plus, by switching to tooth powder you’re saving plastic toothpaste tubes from the landfill. Simply store your tooth powder in this stylish, frosted glass container and top it up with a refill (shipped in a compostable paper bag!) in your next order.

Quantity: 30 g

Tubed toothpaste.

Regular plastic toothpaste tubes can technically be recycled, but sadly very few people go to the effort to rinse them out, meaning they almost always end up in the landfill.

Tooth powder replaces the need for plastic toothpaste tubes and allows you to refill and reuse instead.

Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Silicon Dioxide, Xylitol, Stevioside, DL-Menthol

  1. Unscrew the lid.
  2. *Be careful as you do this to prevent spilling the powder. It is best to open the container in a vertical position with the bamboo lid facing up.
  3. Wet your life UNpacked bamboo toothbrush.
  4. Tap off all excess water.
  5. Dip the corner of your toothbrush into the tooth powder.
  6. *Less is more - You don’t need much.
  7. Brush like normal, spit, and rinse.
  8. *Be careful not to swallow. (Brushing pulls toxins from your teeth and gums and it's best not to re-ingest those!)
*Keep your container for future refills.

Your tooth powder will be shipped in a compostable paper bag that can be thrown into your compost bin.

Typical Life Span: 3-4 months*

Tooth powder dissolves to nothing, so you don’t need to worry about disposing of it!

*Life span will vary based on frequency of use, storage conditions, etc.

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No plastic tubes

Love this tooth powder. Works great, my dental hygienist agrees. I am happy to be able to recycle the paper pouch it comes in and keep plastic toothpaste tubes out of the landfill.

life UNpacked

Hi Joan - thanks for the review and the support. We're glad to read that you're enjoying the tooth powder and that it saves you from buying plastic!! What a great dental hygienist you have :)

Amazing waste free toothpaste option

I recently just switched from generic toothpaste to the tooth powder that Life UNpacked offers and I love it! It's super easy to use and I feel like it does a better job of cleaning my teeth than the other stuff. Although it doesn't have a minty flavour (which I don't miss), my breath feels fresher and my teeth feel cleaner! Thank you Life UNpacked :))

life UNpacked

Hi Audrey - thanks for the love and support! We're happy you're able to skip using plastic for your toothpaste!!

So happy

I'm so happy that the tooth powder is now without sodium lauryl sulfate!!!! Yeah for our health and environment!!

life UNpacked

Hey Cathrerine - Absolutely - we found that the SLS was not needed to produce the same cleaning and experience for our customers. This way it is healthier for people and the environment! :) A true win-win!

Nonie G.
Best tooth paste powder - no baking soda

This product is awesome - so easy to use and does a great job. I’ve been using this for almost 16 months now and my dentist has said each time that my teeth are looking healthy and clean! The minty fresh taste is still one of my favourite leave behinds, along with my teeth feeling super smooth after each brushing. Thanks for making such a great product that creates zero waste! :)

life UNpacked

We are glad you love the minty fresh taste Nonie. Any other options you would like to see offered here at life UNpacked?

Susan W.
Love the powdered toothpaste!!!

This stuff works wonders. Finally a company that gets it! With all the waste we create in our lives, I at least can help out from not throwing away anymore of those darn tubes. I bought one of each size of the bamboo containers with powdered toothpaste to see which one would work better for me. I’m glad I did because both ended up working great in different ways. The 10g one gives me enough to clean my teeth for a week or 2 away and the 20g one I can be away from home for up to a month (with some to spare). It’s perfect because the refill is 30g(ish) so I can refill both containers at the same time!!!

life UNpacked

Susan - that is great to hear the tooth powder works so well for you. It sounds like the different size options have been working well for you!