Welcome to life UNpacked!

Start Using 100% Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products Today!

What do people have to say about the Green Groomer?

“A shampoo soap bar sounded absurd... Until I tried it and immediately loved it way more than the “organic” bottled shampoo I was using, my hair feels and looks cleaner than before. No bottle to throw out afterwards is a huge plus in my books. Well done life UNpacked... Well done.”

- Eddie S.

“I love that there is next to no waste with these products and that they work just as well as my old ones. The tooth powder leaves my mouth minty fresh and the shampoo bar leaves my hair feeling really smooth. It’s awesome!”

- Jenny L.

“The shave bar is a bit different but I quite like it! The shave was good (just as good as any other shaving cream etc). You have to make a bit of a lather with the soap to get the foam going but it works well and smells great (would recommend a shave brush). I also really like that it’s just a bar of soap and I'm not tossing out a bunch of aerosol cans all the time. Waaaaay less waste and more bang for your buck!!”

- Fyfe B.

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